3 Copywriting Tips That Will Transform Your Landing Pages

3 Copywriting Tips That Will Transform Your Landing Pages

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Landing pages are essential! They help drive traffic, improve your SEO, and build your brand. Landing pages are designed to lead your customers to a specific product, service, or offer and encourage them to take action. It’s a much better way to make sales than only leading your customers to your website. However, if you want your landing pages to convert prospects into actual paying customers, you need fantastic copy! Super persuasive and smart landing page copy is the key to building long-term relationships with your prospects. So let’s dive in and explore three copywriting tips that will transform your landing pages:

Copywriting Tip #1 – Longer Can Be Better

Did you know Conversion Rate Experts increased sales by 52% after making their landing pages longer? Some of the most successful landing pages are long because they outline everything the customer needs to know. Longer landing pages are often more comprehensive, which results in more opportunities for links and a greater chance of ranking in search. However, your copy must be clear and easy to read, no matter how long your landing pages are. You should always aim to write at a 6th-grade level and make sure all of your frequently asked questions are answered!

When readers click on your ad and head to your landing page, it needs to be worth their time. So the core principle of excellent landing page copy is to save your customers time by telling them exactly what they need to know! Don’t bury the lead; don’t make them hunt for it. Make it very clear how you will help solve their problem with your product or service and what’s in it for them.

Copywriting Tip #2 – Highlight the Benefits, Not the Product/Service

Thanks to the internet, customers already know what they’re looking for and the solution they need. In fact, the internet has made it so customers also know the features they need, the requirements the product/service must meet, and what is a fair price. That means if you want your copywriting to be effective, you should never just pitch your solution. Instead, your copywriting needs to focus on the benefits of your product/service. Of course, you can mention your solution to show customers they’re in the right place — but don’t push that solution. Instead, promote the benefits.

Here’s a great example of a landing page copy that immediately leads with the benefits.

Celebrate the holidays with a stunning ALL-IN-ONE Holiday Wreath Kit!
With our unique streamlined wreath making system, anyone at any skill level can make a stunning wreath every time using fewer materials and less time than traditional wreath making methods.
At Unique In The Creek™ we design and manufacture patented innovative wreath boards and kits that simplify DIY wreath making.
The kits are easy, fun, and help you get beautiful results every time! DIY wreath making has never been this simple. Your home has never looked this good!
You’re going to love that DIY feeling⁠ ♥️— and the beautiful result! 😍

The customer knows that they will benefit from a kit that includes everything they need to make what’s shown in the ad creative. They don’t focus on the details of the wreath itself and instead, the focus on the experience (easy and fun) and the beautiful result.

Copywriting Tip #3 – Write the Way Your Customers Would Speak

As a business owner, you probably know your fair share of marketing jargon but guess what? Your customer’s don’t! One of the biggest copywriting mistakes is using terms that your peers understand but not your ideal client. It’s easy to drop terms like inbound marketing and KPIs, but have you thought about if your audience will know what you mean?

Before writing your landing page, ask yourself these questions:

  • Why is my reader exploring this product/service?
  • What are their hopes and objectives?
  • Why do they do the job that they do?
  • Will they have to convince their boss of the value?
  • What are their biggest questions going to be?

The best landing page copy will talk directly to your customers and use words that resonate with them. When writing, imagine that you’re writing to one ideal customer, not to a bunch of potential people. This will enable you to be more specific, more targeted, and of course, more successful.

The best part? It’s actually easy to do! The best copy comes directly from a customer’s mouth who can explain exactly how the product benefits them. Use surveys and interviews or look for examples of words your ideal customers use online, like on review sites, in blog comments, in testimonials, or on social media. No need to reinvent the wheel!

Bonus Tip: Use Social Proof!

Social proof can work wonders when it comes to converting potential customers into paying clients. That means you don’t have to write anything at all! Simply use actual reviews and testimonials from your clients to build trust and credibility. The more prominent you display your social proof, the better, and don’t be shy to use pictures of your customers to go along with the testimonial. The more information you can give about the person, such as full name, job title, and picture, the more trust you build with your prospects.

Putting Words Into Action

No doubt boosting conversion rates begins with killer copy. The words you use have power and make a critical impact on your landing page’s success. Great copy takes finesse because when you’re writing copy for landing pages, there are no rules! However, you can use the three tips we’ve outlined here to experiment and don’t be shy to try different approaches. Always test everything and keep track of what works and what doesn’t!

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