4 Reasons Why Chatbots are a Marketer’s Dream

4 Reasons Why Chatbots are a Marketer’s Dream

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Are chatbots really all they’re cracked up to be?

Chatbots are becoming more and more popular as a marketing tool for brands. A recent survey found that 80% of consumers had a positive experience with chatbots, while another 40% said they’re interested in chatbot experiences with brands. This highlights just how common chatbots have become, as well as the fact that consumers are now willing to interact with chatbots, which simulates human conversation.

Chatbots are an excellent way to increase marketing efficiency, and any good marketing strategy should incorporate them. So here are few reasons why chatbots will help improve your marketing efforts.

1. They Generate More Leads

One of the biggest benefits to using chatbots is that they can interact with your customers 24/7, providing them with the information they need, even while you sleep. Over 64% of consumers believe 24-hour service is the most significant advantage of using chatbots. Instead of making visitors look for a contact form, chatbots can respond immediately. This makes it fast and simple for users to find the information they need at any time.

What’s more, research has found that 35-50% of sales go to the vendor who responds first. So, using chatbots to provide an immediate response can help brands bring in more business even in a competitive marketplace. Using chatbots via messaging apps, websites, and landing pages can turn visitors into time-sensitive leads.

2. They Help Launch New Products

Often when you launch a new product, it’s tough to get immediate feedback from consumers and gauge the overall product reception. However, chatbots are a great way to introduce a new product and get in front of your intended audience.

For instance, you can advertise a product on your website and direct incoming traffic to the chatbot instead of a landing page. Once the customer is interacting with the chatbot, you can then share product updates and ask for customer feedback once purchases are complete.

Plus, you can then reach out to customers via the chatbot to let alert them about new products or special promotions in the future.

3. They Gather Important Data

Chatbots that are integrated on social media platforms and websites typically result in massive quantities of data. So, what should marketers do with all these valuable insights?

Take advantage of automated tools like DashBot and ChatMetrics. These tools help you analyze bot functions and conversations. With this information, you can enhance your customer experience and collect insights into your current marketing strategy.

It’s also important to take a peek at the chat history to determine the most commonly used keywords and phrases, which can then be incorporated into new marketing campaigns and online content to improve SEO and better connect with your target market.

4. They Improve Brand Loyalty

Did you know chatbots can form a powerful bond between consumers and brands? Since chatbots only deliver the information that the customer is asking for and engages the customer in a two-way conversation that’s beneficial for the user, it increases trust.

In fact, the Harvard Business Review performed a study that found reducing customer effort can significantly boost brand loyalty. Chatbots are very effective at minimizing customer effort and maximizing customer satisfaction.

For instance, your chatbot doesn’t have to only answer consumer questions, it can also send daily news and tips about the kinds of things your target market is interested in. For example, if you sell skin care products, your chatbot can offer daily skin care tips or makeup tutorials.

Get Started with Chatbots

By using chatbots, your business can better meet customer expectations and get a leg-up on your competition. Chatbots provide a great way to increase overall marketing efficiency and free up more time for you to focus on other crucial tasks.

If you’re looking to start using chatbots, you can use resources to develop your own chatbot or consider pre-made solutions like MobileMonkey or Flow XO.

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