7 Marketing Podcasts that are Worth a Listen

7 Marketing Podcasts that are Worth a Listen

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Are you looking to generate more content for your business? Here’s a great list of free copywriting podcasts that explore content marketing, examine different tools and techniques, discuss small business copy issues, and more. They’re worth a listen!

1. The Grammar Girl podcast

Love her! If you’re looking for business and writing tips, then you won’t want to miss The Grammar Girl Podcast hosted by Mignon Fogarty, the founder of the Quick and Dirty Tips network and an inductee in the Podcasting Hall of Fame. Check out “Top Ten Grammar Myths” and “I.e Versus E.g.” for help on becoming a more successful writer. (You might also want to follow her on social media for little grammar tips and discussions in your newsfeed.)

2. Conversion Cast

Are you breaking your brain over your websites’ traffic and metrics? Then you’ll definitely want to give the Conversion Cast a listen. This podcast specifically looks at the tools and strategies which drive both traffic and metrics, through interviews with a variety of experience guests. It’s an SEO must!

3. Marketing Over Coffee

This podcast discusses both classic and new marketing techniques to create compelling copy for any business. John Wall and Christopher Penn host the podcast from a coffee shop, which is published every Thursday morning. This podcast is perfect for busy entrepreneurs since each episode is only 20 minutes long but is still jam-packed with marketing tips and tricks. We recommend listening to “Special Interview with Simon Sinek, author of Start with Why” and “Seth Godin on What To Do When It’s Your Turn.”

4. High-Income Business Writing Podcast

Have you read the book The Wealthy Freelancer? If so, you’ll love this podcast hosted by Ed Gandia, who co-authored the book. This popular podcast offers tips and tricks for professional writing from a variety of experts and the case studies discussed in each episode will help you figure out what’s working for other business writers. We loved listening to “Eight Simple SEO Tweaks That Boosted Matt Olpinski’s Website Ranking on Google” and “Conversational Copywriting with Nick Usborne.

5. The Fizzle Show

As a new entrepreneur, we can’t recommend The Fizzle Show enough. We all know entrepreneurs wear many hats, and often the marketing hat is one of the most important ones. So it’s really important that entrepreneurs understand marketing but to grasp the difference between building a business and building a brand—and that’s exactly what this podcast will help you accomplish.

6. This Old Marketing

If you understand the importance of content marketing and telling stories to entice and retain clients, then you’ll love this podcast. And if you don’t understand the importance of content marketing, you’ll definitely want to give this podcast a listen! Each episode includes content marketing in the news, rants and raves about content marketing problems, and give great examples of content marketing in action. Don’t miss out on this informative show by the Content Marketing Institute‘s podcast network.

7. Copyblogger FM

Tune in once a week to listen to professionals discuss content marketing, copywriting, email marketing, conversion optimization, and more on this podcast. We recommend listening to “Using Content to Systematically Move Prospects Toward a Purchase” and “3 Ways Strategic Content Can Drive Measurable Business Outcomes.” If you’re looking for the right tools to get hands-on with your business.

Do you listen to any marketing-related podcasts that you think we should add to the list? Drop us a comment below!

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