A Look Back at Digital Marketing in 2019

A Look Back at Digital Marketing in 2019

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2019 was a fascinating year for digital marketing. In particular, my personal view has altered toward social media. I no longer have the confidence in organic social media content alone. Save for some very successful niche brands, I feel that if you aren’t also conducting paid advertising that you’re wasting your time. In 2019 we saw a major shift in algorithms, particularly on Facebook, and now there is very little point posting on social media without also paying to reach your audience.

The good news is that paid advertising is working better than ever before! As long as you are running paid ads with pixel tracking that drive to a strategic landing page and also following up with dedicated retargeting, you can run very successful campaigns for most industries.

That said, many other interesting updates to digital marketing occurred in 2019. Here are some of our own highlights.

Voice Search

Retargeted Ads

Blogging & SEO


Facebook Organic Reach

These points will continue to be very important in 2020 and we’ll be adjusting our marketing campaigns for all clients as the year kicks off. We look forward to seeing what the new decade has to offer! Happy new year.

Todd Foster

As a dedicated Digital Marketing Strategist at Barker Social, I am passionate about helping businesses unlock their full potential online. With a focus on results-driven strategies, I aim to deliver measurable success for our clients.