App for Instagram to Get More Followers – is it a good idea?

App for Instagram to Get More Followers – is it a good idea?

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If you are new to Instagram or looking to increase brand outreach on it, you are probably wondering about how to increase your follower count. Perhaps you have heard about an app for Instagram to get more followers. You may be wondering about whether or not to use a followers app, and in short, the answer is: no.

You may have put lots of time and effort into your Instagram account, but not getting the followers you hoped for. Adjusting and enhancing your marketing strategy is certainly worthwhile, but you should be cautious before using an Instagram followers app to boost your numbers. So how should you reach other Instagram users?

What is an Instagram Followers App?

First off, let’s examine what an Instagram followers app does. These apps offer various features to increase followers, including tools for optimizing hashtags, reciprocal following, tracking unfollowers, ghost followers or deletion posts, or other tools.

If you’re determined to use one, always be careful when choosing an Instagram followers app.

Some, especially the free Instagram followers apps, are fake ones, and may transfer you to a phishing site. Apps that promise free followers are often questionable and likely won’t give you the real followers you want to engage with. Remember, the goal is to spread your brand’s reach to people who are interested in your brand and what you have to offer.
Legitimate methods to help achieve organic Instagram growth and follower gain will far exceed anything you get out of Instagram Followers Apps in the long run.

Instagram for Promoting Business

Instagram is excellent for promoting businesses, with over 500 million daily users.

90% of Instagrammers follow at least one business. Two thirds of Instagram business profile visits are from non-followers. 70% of shoppers look at Instagram when considering a purchase, and 50% of people on Instagram are more interested in a brand after seeing ads for it.

Instagram now has more business-friendly features, like business profiles and ads. It is increasingly becoming a critical venue for marketing.

Instagram Followers Apps

Coin-Based Options to Buy Instagram Followers

There are several free Instagram followers apps that use a coin-based system, such as Turbo Followers, where you receive coins for certain tasks like following other accounts on the app, or liking their Instagram posts, or some variation of this. These in-app coins then can be used to gain followers, which consist of other Instagram accounts on the app, for your Instagram profile.

However, even with the best free Instagram apps that do this, there is no guarantee that these free Instagram followers are genuinely interested in your business brand or offerings, and don’t be surprised if they unfollow just as fast as they followed.

Free Instagram Followers Apps That Optimize Relevant Hashtags

Some of the Instagram follower apps help you gain Instagram followers through making your hashtags more relevant and timely.

Better hashtags make your content more visible, to generate more likes and more Instagram followers. Some of the free Instagram followers apps capitalize on this strategy.
Followers+ and Face Boom report on the most trending hashtags, to consider adding to your Instagram posts and offer suggestions to raise the appeal of your profile. HashtagsMix is another app that helps with optimizing hashtags and provides tips on how to make your Instagram profile more appealing and interactive. Followers Pumper helps by also providing insight on how to use hashtags more effectively, in addition to showing which ones to use.

Should you choose to use these, avoid overdoing Instagram hashtags, as your posts can start to look like spam, and avoid hashtag gimmicks; these don’t increase your following meaningfully over the long term.

One thing to consider, is that if these are available to you, they are available to everyone else, too. It’s hard to get a leg-up on the competition when you’re all using the same products and systems, without a course of action tailored to your specific social marketing campaign.

Filter Out Lurkers and Inactive Accounts

You may have many ghost or inactive followers, which give you good numbers, but aren’t really of value. They aren’t liking posts or commenting, and are not engaged in your brand. Followers Insight is an Instagram follower app that tracks these profiles to filter these and other fake followers out. You gain a truer image of the audience you attract and what interests them, so you can target future content to the right people and gain new followers. The old saying ‘it’s better to have a few close friends than a lot of acquaintances’ applies here.

Avoid a Quick Fix

Free Instagram followers apps seem like the perfect quick fix when trying to increase followers when getting organic followers feels slow and painful. There are some apps that have some legitimate value, but many are essentially methods of buying followers or using bots. Plus, trying to buy followers doesn’t help in the long run. Doing this makes your follower counts look good, but they aren’t real Instagram followers who are interested in your brand – the ones you are truly trying to engage.

Classic Strategies For Organic Growth

Make sure people can find you. Only your name and username are searchable, so capitalize on these, then use hashtags effectively to reach people.

Optimize your Instagram bio and profile to attract followers, and be sure all content is high quality and visually appealing, with eye-catching captions.

Capitalize on Instagram Stories and Stories highlights. Also make sure you post consistently, about once or twice a week and schedule Instagram posts and stories for optimal times.
Promote your Insta account on other platforms, highlighting great posts, or consider paid advertising, which can increase meaningful Instagram followers cost effectively.

Reviewing Instagram Insights regularly helps, too.

There are many other strategies and techniques to quickly grow follower counts organically. Remembering why you want followers, and not getting stuck on the number of followers, can help your Instagram efforts be more successful.

Organically growing more followers takes careful strategy and dedication to be effective. Barker Social Digital Marketing can help you boost your social media platforms and number of Instagram followers. We provide meaningful social media management to promote follower growth, with more meaningful, valuable potential followers.

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