Are Instagram Reels Right For My Business?

Are Instagram Reels Right For My Business?

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By Ashley Groves

Launched last year, Instagram Reels have become a central part of Instagram. They offer significant integration and promotion opportunities across the app. If you’re wondering, are Instagram Reels right for my business, we’re going to break it down.

But what exactly are Instagram Reels? Reels are 15-30 second long vertical videos with a number of creative features. These include music, audio, and effects, combining multiple clips, and remixing other people’s clips.

Reels have their own centrally-located button on the navigation bar, prominent placement on the Explore tab, and a dedicated tab on the top of profiles. You can post Reels to your profile, story, and the Explore section to each a wider audience.

Reels have been Instagram’s answer to TikTok as they attempt to capture some of TikTok’s skyrocketing audience. It may be a copycat, but so far Reels have been successful in providing an avenue for short-form videos.

With so much buzz around this new feature, many business owners are wondering if they should invest time and energy into Instagram Reels. The real question is, will they help your business? Depending on your industry and target audience, Reels can be a very useful medium to promote your business. Since Instagram is continuing to give Reels extra exposure, using Reels could be an excellent opportunity for you to gain visibility for your brand.

Here are 3 questions you can ask yourself to help determine if Instagram Reels are right for your business.

Is My Business Visual?

The first question you should ask yourself is if your business is visual. Instagram itself is a visually-oriented platform, and Reels are no exception.

If your business lends itself well to visual representation, there are many ways that you could use Reels. If you sell products, you could use Reels as a way to provide tutorials or tips on how to use your products. For example, if you sell yarn, you could post videos of how to make different crafts with your products.

However, if your business is not particularly visual, Reels might not be the best option for you. For instance, if you are a tax accountant, there might be better platforms for you to promote your services.

Is My Target Audience Using Instagram Reels?

The next question that you need to ask yourself is if your target audience is even using Instagram Reels.

Instagram is a popular social media platform for young adults and adolescents, as well as women. According to the Pew Research Center, 44% of adult women, compared to 36% of adult men, in the United States reported that they have used Instagram. Overall, 71% of American adults aged 18-29 and 48% of adults aged 30-49 reported that they have used Instagram.

If the target audience of your business is likely to use Instagram and watch Reels, then making Reels to post to Instagram could be a great idea. If your target audience is not likely to use Instagram, then it might be better for you to focus your resources elsewhere.

For example, Reels would be an excellent medium to reach Millennial moms who want to find quick cardio routines to fit into their busy schedules. It wouldn’t be as great for reaching grandparents looking for exercises to improve their knee mobility after a knee replacement.

Is There a Person Associated With My Brand?

The last question that you should ask yourself is if there is a person associated with your brand.

If you have someone associated with your brand (such as yourself), it’s easier to visually feature them/you. Reels can be a great way to show your personality and add a personal and human touch to your brand, making your business more relatable.

If you sell shoes, you could post videos of how you style your own products. Or if you are a branding consultant, you could post behind-the-scenes clips of your work process.

If you don’t have a face connected with your brand, don’t panic! While this question should be considered, there are still ways that you can produce interesting Reels without featuring yourself or your team members. For example, if you run a restaurant, you could create Reels of sauce being drizzled over your most popular entrée or a garnish being added to your new dessert

So, if your business is suited to a visual medium and your target audience uses Instagram, Reels could be a fantastic avenue for you. They could help you reach new customers and further engage with your current audience. Extra bonus if there’s a person associated with your brand, which could definitely make Instagram Reels a great fit for your business. If your business does not meet these criteria, there could still be ways for you to effectively use Reels, but it might not be the right platform for you.

How have you used Instagram Reels to promote your business? Do you need help creating and implementing an Instagram strategy? Contact us today for a free marketing consultation and we can have a chat to see what might be the best direction for your digital marketing efforts.

Special thanks to Ashley Groves for this blog post!

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