Asia catching up on social media

Asia catching up on social media

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When you hear about Facebook being blocked in China, you might think that social media is less active in Asia. That’s not the case. Social media is growing across all of the Asian markets. Here’s an excerpt and some statistics from Trending in Asia: Consumers open to social media marketing, reports Experian:

“Key findings include:
Search and discovery: Social media is the top channel in Singapore (31 percent), Malaysia (49 percent), Indonesia (67 percent) and Thailand (58 percent). It’s equally important as chat apps in China (47 percent); in Hong Kong, video ads (63 percent) trumps all.
Triggering product interest: Social media, once again, is the key driver in Singapore (28 percent), Malaysia (44 percent), Thailand (49 percent) and Hong Kong (25 percent). However, in Indonesia it’s SMS (62 percent), and in China it is chat apps (48 percent).”

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