B2B Sales & Social Media that Works

B2B Sales & Social Media that Works

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How patient are you? We live in a growingly impatient world. But you know what? Social media takes time to be effective. Here’s an excerpt from article on the subject entitled 5 Ways To Make Social Media Work For The B2B Sales Industry:

“What a lot of B2B sellers don’t understand about social media is they have to give it time to make it work. Forget spending minutes every week and expecting to see a return. You need to spend the time on social media to build relationships with your potential leads.”

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An entrepreneur at heart, Chachi has spent nearly two decades developing business and creative problem solving skills. He has a knack for quickly and accurately assessing a situation, pushing through the fluff, and finding the most streamlined and cost effective solution for the underlying problem. When he’s not working on Barker projects, you’ll likely find him out on his motorcycle or dancing the Tango or the Lindy Hop.


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