Marketing for Dance Studios

Mandi teaching a beginner dance lesson at her old studio

From one dancer to another

My name is Mandi Gould and I’m the founder of Barker Social. I’m also a Lindy Hopper (swing dancer) and before my life as a digital marketer, I owned and operated my own dance studio for fifteen years. I also produced local and international dance events.

I understand the dance business and the specific needs that studio owners and event organizers face in their digital marketing… and that includes understanding dance budgets and the critical importance of the return on investment for marketing. The same marketing principles also apply for some similar businesses, such as yoga studios.

What makes a marketing campaign for a dance studio successful?

Adult dance studios need:

  • Enticing messaging to welcome brand new students including complete beginners who have never danced before.
  • Content that evokes trust; potential customers need to feel that they will fit in, that it won’t be scary, that they’ll have fun, that the teachers will take care of them, that the community will be inclusive.
  • Clear calls to action to make it easy for people to get started; how to register and how to sign up for more information.
  • Why people shouldn’t be afraid to take their first dance steps.
  • Keyword optimization for the geographic area, not just for dance classes but also for anyone who is looking for fun social activities in your area.

Kids dance studios need:

  • Content that will win the trust of parents. Choosing a dance studio is a big decision for any family. The studio will become a big part of both the parents’ and kids’ lives. Parents need to know that their kids will be well taken care of and that the studio’s values are in line with their own.
  • Clear calls to action to make it easy for families to register and how to sign up for more information.
  • Keyword optimization for the geographic area, not just for dance classes but also for families and for children’s activities. Competition for children’s activities can be fierce so it’s essential that your website is coming up in searches.

Key Performance Indicators for Dance Studios

In order to run a successful marketing campaign, you need to understand:
  1. How many people is your campaign reaching?
  2. How many people are clicking?
  3. How many people are converting to paying students?

My Promise to Fellow Dancers

We can help you run a successful marketing campaign to help grow your dance studio… and we aren’t going to try to sell you something you don’t actually need!

Here are the top priorities. We can ensure that:

  • Your website is doing its job so that when people arrive there, they get exactly the right messaging and user experience to help them decide to join your classes;
  • Your Google Analytics and Facebook pixel are installed and configured for complete tracking of visitor behaviour;
  • Your ads are targeted to the right people and are driving traffic to your website;
  • People are clicking on your ads and taking desired actions, like registering for classes, signing up for your newsletter, etc.

Why I Offer Discounted Rates for Dancers

I did not set out to market my services to dance studios.

However, many of my dance peers started to come to me for help–and of course I want to help them! Dancing is my passion! It’s what I love most and it’s a pleasure to help fellow dancers, especially Lindy Hoppers. The skills and knowledge that I have can absolutely make an impact for dance studios as well as yoga studios, and some other businesses with similar models.

I don’t like hearing about studio owners being taken advantage of or struggling because they don’t know how to leverage social media and digital marketing tools. I’m not a salesy person and I would never try to up-sell anything to a dance studio that you don’t need.

My goal is to provide exactly what you need to get results at the best possible price, from me and my little team of fellow dancers who sincerely care about your success.

**Please note that this page is not linked from the main menu bar because I don’t publicize my dancer discounts in front of other clients. 

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