Entice potential customers with an exciting social campaign

Entice potential customers with an exciting social campaign

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Almost everyone is starting to realize how much more you can achieve with social media marketing with the same budget, or even a more modest budget. While Search Engine Optimization is still important, there’s a difference between capturing people who are looking for your business, and attracting potential customers who aren’t necessarily looking, but who you can entice with an exciting social campaign.

Read an excerpt from the article entitled Social, Not Search, Gaining More Of Marketers’ Budget:

“… when asked to rank their top “fastest-growing tactics,” 10% of marketers named Facebook; 14%, product listing ads; 12%, email to house list; 10%, SEO; 6%, SEM; 6% behavioral targeting; and 4%, display advertising.” Click here to read the article.


An entrepreneur at heart, Chachi has spent nearly two decades developing business and creative problem solving skills. He has a knack for quickly and accurately assessing a situation, pushing through the fluff, and finding the most streamlined and cost effective solution for the underlying problem. When he’s not working on Barker projects, you’ll likely find him out on his motorcycle or dancing the Tango or the Lindy Hop.


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