Facebook & Instagram Advertising Services

Convert more sales with high visibility advertising, cost-per-click tracking, call to action testing, retargeting, and a proven return on your investment. 

We are Facebook and Instagram advertising specialists and I can put your product or service in front of your target audience with sophisticated multi-step ad campaigns that convert. 

Strategic Facebook & Instagram Marketing

Cost-per-click advertising on Facebook and Instagram can be a game changer.

With a carefully crafted A/B testing, retargeting and link tracking strategy, you can create a sales funnel process that’s extremely effective for most business-to-consumer brands and industries.

Unlike passive marketing where you wait for people to find you, a cost per click strategy aggressively puts your product or service in front of targeted customers to push your sales objectives. The key is to make sure you’ve set up pixel tracking so we can retarget potential customers with a fluid campaign that takes them through the buying process.

CPC Advertising Process

  • Ad creation, including a minimum of A/B testing, and often C/D testing with funnel variations ⬇️
    • Tracking the success of each ad creative and language
  • Creation of landing pages for each ad with call-to-action tracking ⬇️
    • Unique links on each landing page to track the success of each landing page to prompt browsers to convert
  • Retargeting ads to website visitors with additional A/B ad creatives ➡️ Multi-ad process to turn warm leads into sales ⬇️
  • Follow through to ultimate sales conversions
  • Ongoing communication & ROI updates

Never let a warm lead slip away… 

It’s also extremely important that all of your website visitors, whether they originally found you through social media or through Google searches, receives follow up advertising. These are warm leads that you don’t want to let slip away. We can set it up so that everyone receives the follow up ads that will win their interest and trust and convince them to buy.

We project manage your Facebook and Instagram advertising campaigns from start to finish. 

We project manage your social media campaign from start to finish. Services include social media marketing for business and personal brands for perpetual or or seasonal campaigns, business or product launches, events, and more.

If you’re looking for an expert to partner with your business and manage an advertising that actually converts, don’t hesitate to get in touch!