Feel Good Friday: Social Media Post Ideas

Feel Good Friday: Social Media Post Ideas

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Do you need to give new life to your social media strategy? Make your followers feel good with some Feel Good Friday posts!

What Is Feel Good Friday?

“Feel Good Friday” is a social media trend where brands share fun and exciting content on Fridays. The content is not necessarily to promote your products or services but rather to drive engagement, build relationships, and make your followers feel good. Hence the name, “Feel Good Friday.”

9 Social Media Content Ideas For Fridays

We have made a list of 10 social media post ideas that your business can use for Feel Good Fridays. These social posts will help show your human side to your customers, thus building relationships and turning your followers into fans.

1. Highlight Popular Blog Posts

A blog post is a versatile piece of content that you can use to share interesting stories, valuable pieces of information, a case study, and much more. If there is one blog that has received a lot of attention in the past, reshare it on social media.

You will encourage people to click a link and travel to your blog when you highlight a business blog. At the same time, they will end up on your website, where they can find your products/services. Posting about a blog is a great way to push your audience to your website, closing the distance between them and the sale.

2. Post Memes About Trending Topics

Use social media resources to your benefit. When something takes over the internet (like the Toronto Maple Leafs making it to the playoffs, Netflix’s famous series Squid Game, or some other topic), you can get in on the news by sharing a funny meme about it.

For example, if it is National Coffee Day, you can share a meme on social media like “How we are celebrating National Coffee Day at [your business]” or “How we drink coffee at [your business]”. It will be relevant, funny, and relatable. As a result, it will create a conversation, and encourage likes, comments, and shares.

3. Host A Giveaway

Every audience loves free stuff! Host a giveaway on Friday to celebrate the end of the week. You can give away one prize or several prizes to the winning individual. It is a great way to get your followers excited and increase engagement on your social media posts.

When you run contests, remember to create rules and limitations. For example, you will want to clearly state how your followers can enter the content, how many entries are allowed, and who can enter (i.e., age restrictions and where you are willing to ship the prize).

4. Post About A Company Event

Are you hosting a business party or event? Showcase it on your Facebook or Instagram account! You can share videos and photos of the event with your audience, showing them how you and your team are letting loose for the weekend.

This is an exceptionally great strategy for the holidays; there will always be holiday parties, so you should transform them into holiday posts!

5. Highlight New Team Members

Company social media profiles can often be very impersonal. Show the humans behind your company by sharing photos of your staff (with their consent, of course). You can give a shout-out to a team member every Friday, celebrating their wins from earlier in the week. Not only will it make your employees feel appreciated, but it will also help your audience show that you care about your team.

6. Feature User-Generated Content

Are you lacking in new content ideas? Well, hopefully not after this blog. But, if you want new content without having to actually create it, you can repost content from your followers. BAGGU is a great example.

BAGGU is a famous e-commerce company specializing in sustainable, ethically made bags. Their customers tend to post photos of themselves styling their bags or using them to carry their groceries, everyday items, etc. The social media team at BAGGU often reshares some of the posts that their customers have tagged them in. This strategy allows them to display happy customers, ways to use their products, and more. It is a great sales strategy, and it always makes their fans feel good to see themselves featured on their social media!

7. Share Industry News

A lot happens in specific industries. For instance, there is always a new trend, fashion show, or design coming out in the fashion industry. Dedicated fans will likely want to know what is going on in the industry, and your business can be their go-to for information.

We recommend that your company creates a weekly or monthly series where you sit down to talk about what is happening in your industry. There are many forms of content that you can use to share the information, including your own podcast, Facebook Live video, or regular images. Whatever type of content, make sure it is exciting, uplifting, and inspiring. When you post it on the best day of the week—Friday—you can use the hashtag #FeelGoodFriday.

8. Post Creative Ideas

Curated content doesn’t just have to be product features, success stories, or customer testimonies. Allow your audience to do something fun and creative with a tutorial or step-by-step guide in the form of YouTube videos or Instagram and Facebook posts.

For example, Aviation Gin regularly shares cocktail recipes with its audience. The content shows their audience all of the fantastic things you can make with their gin. Plus, it is free content, which everyone loves!

Other brands can create a craft, recipe, or outfit idea depending on their industries. You want it to be relevant content that connects to what you are selling.

9. Host A Social Media Takeover

Are there influencers or celebrities that love your brand? If so, we recommend recruiting them to take over your social media channels one Friday afternoon. They can post visual content, host live videos, and interact with our audience to boost your brand awareness. It is a fun way to promote and answer questions about your products/services.

Expert Social Media Marketing

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