Firefox Unrolls Enhanced Tracking Protection Blocking Third Party Websites

Firefox Unrolls Enhanced Tracking Protection Blocking Third Party Websites

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Do you use Firefox when you browse the internet? On June 4th, Mozilla Firefox announced a host of new privacy features that will be included in the default options of the browser. These privacy enhancements include some significant changes such as Facebook pixel blocking, Google Analytics blocking, and ALL cookie blocking by default.

If you download Firefox now, Enhanced Tracking Protection will come as part of the Standard setting, and it will already be turned on by default. That means third-party tracking cookies are blocked and you won’t have to change a thing. If you notice a shield icon in the address bar that means Enhanced Tracking Protection is working. Click on the shield icon and open the Content Blocking section and then click on Cookies; you’ll see a Blocking Tracking Cookies section. In that section, you can see the companies listed as third-party cookies and trackers that are now being blocked by Firefox, and you can opt to turn off blocking for a specific website.

If you already use Firefox, Mozilla will be slowly introducing Enhanced Tracking Protection in the coming months. However, you can always enable it sooner by clicking on the small “i” icon in the address bar and then clicking on the gear on the right side under Content Blocking. Or you can turn it on by clicking on Preferences, Privacy & Security, and then Content Blocking. Select Custom, mark the Cookies check box, and select “Third-party trackers.”

In a blog post on Mozilla’s website, the Senior Vice President of Firefox explained, “At Firefox, we believe that in order to truly protect people, we need to establish a new standard that puts people’s privacy first. At Firefox, we have been working on setting [the] standard by offering privacy-related features, like Tracking Protection in Private Browsing…With this new, increased awareness for privacy, we feel that the time is right for the next step in stronger online protections for everyone.”

Although Firefox’s new features are great for privacy, they might not be so great for marketing. How will this change your digital marketing tactics?


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