Google My Business Introduces 4 New Features to Improve Quality

Google My Business Introduces 4 New Features to Improve Quality

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Are you part of the 150 million local businesses that have used Google My Business? Google has recently announced changes to the Google My Business platform that’ll better help you promote your business’ services.

The company explained that when people are looking for businesses, their searches are specific, like “restaurants open late in Manhattan” or “rooftop happy hour with the best drinks near me.” And people are now looking to use Google as a one-stop shop for booking reservations or figuring out what products a store offers.

So to provide better quality results, Google has implemented four new features.

1. Offline Promotional Material + Stickers

Google’s first new feature is actually a brand new website where businesses can download and order custom materials to help promote their business, like physical stickers. Google hopes this will help companies to acquire more bookings, get more reviews, and gain more followers on their Google My Business profile.

2. Special Deals

63% of people follow retail businesses on social media platforms just to be notified of sales. So part of the new Google My Business features will allow businesses to provide new rewards to customers who follow their business using Google apps. The new function is called ‘Welcome Offers.’

3. Better Visuals

Another new feature coming to Google My Business is better visuals, including new options for cover photos and photo displays. Any new images that are uploaded will immediately appear on your Google My Business profile.

You’ll also be able to upload your business’ custom logo to your profile and as long as your core information (including phone number, hours, etc.) is complete, your logo will be displayed at the top right-hand corner of your profile.

4. Tailored URLs

Google will also allow your business to claim a short name and URL. Google thinks it’ll be easier for you to refer your clients back to your profile with a shorter, custom URL. The company also stated that in the coming months, people would be able to search short names in Google Maps as well.

Google’s new features are hoping to create better quality search results. As part of that initiative, Google My Business will highlight the top 5% of businesses in various categories by adding a “Local Favorite” designation and creating digital and physical badges of honour for any business who consistently delivers an excellent customer experience.

Google is phasing out poor quality profiles, and many businesses have taken to Twitter to complain that their Google My Business page was removed due to quality issues.

So what do you think of this move? Is Google right to delete poor quality pages? Are you excited about the new features the company is offering to help you promote your business? What do you think about the physical stickers and print materials?


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