How can you improve your social media?

How can you improve your social media?

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Social media moves quickly and the algorithms are always changing. Most people are still using Facebook the same way that they did two years ago but it’s not the same and your strategy needs to change. Here’s an excerpt from a recent article entitled, Strategies to Help Improve Your Social Media:

“The way Facebook structures its algorithms, it’s tough for a business to get noticed without shelling out cash, experts say. Luckily, Facebook ads are cost-effective and better than they were, says social media marketing expert Tracy Petrucci. “There are many B2B details you can access now,” she adds. “You have control over what you spend, and you can be creative in your messaging.”” Click here to read the article.

Todd Foster

As a dedicated Digital Marketing Strategist at Barker Social, I am passionate about helping businesses unlock their full potential online. With a focus on results-driven strategies, I aim to deliver measurable success for our clients.