Instagram Introduces New Quiz Stickers for Stories

Instagram Introduces New Quiz Stickers for Stories

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Quiz InstagramAre you looking for new and fun ways to increase engagement on your Instagram stories? You’re in luck: Instagram has officially introduced quiz stickers.

Quiz stickers let you create multiple-choice questions that your followers can answer. They’re designed specifically to use in your Instagram stories, similar to the way poll stickers and emoji sliders work.

To add the quiz sticker to your story select it from the sticker tray once in your stories options. Write your question and add up to four possible answers. Choose which answer is correct and share it to your story.

When your followers interact with the quiz sticker you’ll be able to see their answers in the story viewers list.

However, don’t confuse the new Quiz sticker with the popular Questions sticker. The difference? The Quiz sticker allows you to ask your followers questions while Questions allows your followers to ask you a question.

Using quiz stickers in your stories helps your followers interact with your account and that sends signals to Instagram’s algorithm which can help rank your stories higher on Instagram’s user story list.

Encouraging your followers not to just view your content, but to interact with it is the best way to reach a larger portion of your followers.

If you have an Instagram account for your business you can use Quiz stickers to teach your followers more about what your company does by asking questions specifically related to your business.

Not only will this educate your audience and help build trust and credibility but it will also help you figure out who your biggest fans are.

As of today, Quiz stickers are available on the Instagram app for both iPhone- and Android.



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