Results-Driven Marketing

Social media marketing can generate fantastic results. 80%* of social network users connect with brands on social media and more than 60%* of those people are more likely to seek out a product or service after seeing it on social media!

In fact, brands that share fun, engaging, customized content on social networks generate 3X* more customers than traditional marketing… and it costs 62%* less!

Data & Reporting

We’ve partnered with a third-party data analysis company, Instockly, to provide detailed reporting, accountability, and real numbers to illustrate the return on your investment. In addition to in-depth information about each individual social platform, the reports include two high-level and easy to understand figures: your Cost Per Exposure and your Cost Per Engagement.


  • Investing in marketing without measuring the results
  • Neglecting your website and social platform analytics
  • Overpaying for in-house marketing staff
  • Handing off social management to an inexpert team member
  • Wasting time trying to manage ad hoc social media updates yourself

A well-executed social strategy can achieve incredible results at ⅕ of the cost of traditional marketing. Unlike print, radio, posters, or billboard advertising, we’ll show you real data about who’s clicking, what hooks them, and how much time they’re spending on your website. No more putting out an ad and hoping for the best. We take the guesswork out of advertising.

We’re dedicated to giving you a successful return on your investment and we aren’t shy to tell you that we’re really good at what we do.

A successful marketing strategy requires a full understanding of:

  • Target customer behaviour
  • Brand messaging
  • Ever-evolving technology & tools
  • Implementation & management
  • ROI analysis

Avoid costly learning curves, inefficiency, and overspending by outsourcing your social media to dedicated experts.

Satisfaction Guarantee

We offer a money back guarantee on the first month of your campaign.

If you’re not completely satisfied with our work and the results of the campaign, we’ll refund your money† because if you’re not satisfied, then neither are we.

*State of Inbound Marketing, Demand Metric
†Refund is based on the first month of the campaign, after the 15-30 day set up process.