About our Secure Process

We take security very seriously. We use a secure SSL connection and then your data is encrypted using the latest PGP encoding methods. Your information is kept securely in this unreadable format for the entire duration of our business relationship.

In the unlikely situation that the decryption key is lost, we would ask you to fill in this form again, because without the key not even we will be able to access the information!


Your information won’t be sent until you finish the final page. You must hit the ENCRYPT & SUBMIT button on the last page and wait until you get this confirmation message for the encryption to be successful:

What information will we collect?

*NB: If any of your passwords change, please notify us immediately.

Social Media Accounts

  • Facebook Ad Account & ID number (click here for instructions)
  • Twitter Login & Password
  • Instagram Login & Password
  • Pinterest Login & Password

For information about Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, please see barkersocial.com/welcome

Website Information

  • Website Login url
  • Website Username
  • Website Password
  • Host Login url
  • Host Username
  • Host Password

Server Details

*Optional, but helpful for SEO and web design work.

  • Server OS
  • Server Software
  • SFTP or FTP
  • S/FTP Login url
  • S/FTP Username
  • S/FTP Password

Google Analytics

*Not sure if you have Google Analytics?
Please connect us with your webmaster.

Newsletter Service

  • Service (Mailchimp, iContact, etc.)
  • Login & Password

Credit Card Details

For monthly payments and for additional, pre-approved boosted advertising.

  • Type of Card
  • Name on the Card
  • Credit Card Number
  • Expiry Date
  • 3 digit CVV2 code
  • Full Mailing Address


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