Swing Dancers Take Old Dance Partnership Off the Dance Floor and Into Business

Swing Dancers Take Old Dance Partnership Off the Dance Floor and Into Business


Mandi Chachi DamzelsMandi and Chachi, two Lindy Hoppers from Toronto with an old teaching partnership and a history of event teamwork, are launching a new venture. This time it’s not a dance workshop or a Frankie Manning tribute event; these two business and dance veterans are combining their unique skillsets to launch Barker Social Marketing, marketing worth shouting about!

Mandi has been focusing her energy on marketing since she wrapped up Frankie 100 and passed on the reigns of Bees’ Knees Dance at the end of June 2014. She’s been writing marketing content for social media, websites, and business blogs for a variety of clients across Canada, the US, the UK, and Australia. Clients have ranged from those in fashion to law and finance, and have even a TV “shark” and an HGTV star.


“Barker Social is a natural extension of what I did for my own business and the events that I’ve run over the years,” says Mandi. “The more I do it, the more I enjoy it, and it helps that I’ve done my own marketing for my businesses for more than 15 years.”

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When Chachi returned from dancing Tango in Argentina for three months, Mandi knew that it was time to team up. “We’d thought of working together before, and this time everything fit into place,” said Mandi. “I’ve felt ready to develop the work that I’ve already been doing into something bigger. Something that I couldn’t accomplish on my own.”

“She’s really smart… and I have my moments,” smiled Chachi. “And we know we work well together. She’s a great writer and project manager, and I’m strong with tech and ‘big picture’ business operations.”

Mandi Chachi 2012They’ve formed Barker Social to fill a marketing gap that Mandi could see was ready for a new perspective. “We’re applying all of our combined business experience to offer a service that goes above and beyond what most social marketing firms are offering.”

Barker Social Marketing is a results-driven online marketing agency specializing in attention-grabbing social media marketing and brand copywriting. Along with the two Canadian dancers, they’ve brought on two other international dynamos to diversify their skillset and give them a leg up when breaking into the European and South American markets. Laura Barros is an experienced social media coordinator from Portugal, and Jay is a web development, tech, and design guru from Colombia.
Mandi hand-picked what she described as her marketing dream team: “I’ve worked with Chachi, Laura, and Jay all before. Now that we’re all working together, we’re able to offer services that a solo marketer could never produce alone and provide a much better, more inexpensive product than a lot of the existing social media shops,” Mandi explained.


To learn more about Chachi and Mandi’s new project, visit BarkerSocial.com and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, and Pinterest. YouTube will be coming soon.

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