Social Media Advertising is No Joke

Social Media Advertising is No Joke

Have you tried advertising on Facebook with confusing or just plain lousy results?

Did you think, “hey I’ll place this ad on Facebook and hundreds of people will flock to my online store or business,” but then nothing happened?

Yup. It’s a common pitfall. Many people have the mindset that all they have to do is put up an ad on a social media platform and voila! The sales will roll in. The fact is that it’s a lot more complicated than that.

And if you’re spending money without getting results then you know better than anyone that it’s not funny!

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10 Ways to Find More Customers on Social Media

10 Ways to Find More Customers on Social Media

Do you want more customers? Of course! We all do, or we wouldn’t be in business. The question is, how can you use social media to attract and convert more customers to build your business?

In 2016, social media networks boasted 2.3 billion users. These numbers will continue to grow. There’s no doubt that your target customers are on social media, but how can you find them, and how can you turn the followers that you do have into first-time and repeat customers?

Here are some great tips that can help to grow your business using social media.

1. Make it about Them

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