Social Media Advertising is No Joke

Social Media Advertising is No Joke

Have you tried advertising on Facebook with confusing or just plain lousy results?

Did you think, “hey I’ll place this ad on Facebook and hundreds of people will flock to my online store or business,” but then nothing happened?

Yup. It’s a common pitfall. Many people have the mindset that all they have to do is put up an ad on a social media platform and voila! The sales will roll in. The fact is that it’s a lot more complicated than that.

And if you’re spending money without getting results then you know better than anyone that it’s not funny!

Just because we […] Read more

How to Promote Your Local Business on Facebook

How to Promote Your Local Business on Facebook

Are you concerned about the latest updates to the Facebook algorithm and how they’ll affect your business?

Here’s the reality: Facebook algorithms are here to stay. Your impulse might be to get angry at Facebook because you’d like to benefit from free organic reach to build your business. We get it, from a business owner’s point of view, it feels obnoxious. But being angry is actually misguided.

Facebook has to continually make updates to their platform to ensure that the user experience is positive and that all of those 2.07 billion monthly active users keep coming back. If Facebook got spammy, people […] Read more

Why Facebook Ads Are Essential for Your Business

Why Facebook Ads Are Essential for Your Business

Do you share content regularly on your business’ Facebook page? Great! “Getting social” is important for all contemporary businesses. However, it’s quite possible that almost no one is seeing your content.

The fact is, unless you’re boosting some of that content and, more importantly, running Facebook ads, your reach is extremely limited.

It all boils down to Facebook’s algorithms. These algorithms may seem annoying, but there’s actually a good reason for them. Facebook has controls in place to make sure that the platform doesn’t get too “spammy”, which would alienate many of its active users. If people were to log in to […] Read more

Watch Out for this Facebook Scam

Yesterday our client was hit by a very convincing Facebook scam. We’re reporting it to Facebook and hopefully it will be addressed swiftly, but I wanted to share the details as a warning.

This scam is particularly hard to detect if you’re browsing on your phone.

The client’s business is called Second Dance. In the notifications, she received a message with the Facebook “f” logo that says Update Your Page. At first glance and even second glance, you might just see Update Your Page and not the rest which is “shared Second Dance’s post.”

Have a look at the second notification here:

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You’re Doing it Wrong – Social Media Tips for Brands & Pages

You’re Doing it Wrong – Social Media Tips for Brands & Pages

Are you staying up-to-date on the latest trends, changes, and opportunities on social media?

The social media landscape is continuously changing. What worked for your brand yesterday might not be the best use of your time and resources tomorrow. It’s important to stay on top of the latest social media news to ensure that you’re bringing your marketing A-Game and not falling behind the curve.

Here are some of the biggest social media pitfalls that we see on a daily basis.

Facebook Pitfall — Posting too infrequently

Remember when we all limited the number of posts that we shared on our […] Read more

Who are the Social Media Influencers in your Industry?

Facebook and Instagram aren’t just for fun. For people who accumulate a large following and are deemed as “taste makers” and influencers, it can be a profitable business. Here’s a good article by Jules Schroeder for Forbes:

“If you’ve got a following on a major platform like Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Snapchat, or Twitter, chances are it’s worth something.

Companies recognize the value of a loyal following, and are increasingly turning to social media influencers to promote their products. In 2015, social media ad spending exceeded $23 billion worldwide, and is expected to increase, meaning there’s a huge opportunity for social influencers to […] Read more

What Social Media Networks are Right for your Business?

What Social Media Networks are Right for your Business?

Does your business have to be on every social media platform?

When you hear that Facebook Live, Periscope, and Snapchat are all the rage, you might think that you have to get on every single social media platform. Are you missing out by not jumping on all of them?

Of course you should keep your ear to the ground to stay aware of the latest trends so that you don’t fall behind on something that does prove to be very important. But it’s not the tool that’s the important thing.

It’s much more critical to understand who your target customers are.

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Facebook’s New Algorithm – Good News?

For years now we’ve been watching the changes that Facebook has made to its algorithms. It’s become natural to curse these changes–it’s pretty much become part and parcel for social media marketers. But could this new algorithm actually be good news? Here’s a great article from Parul Guliani at Forbes:

“Essentially, Facebook has decided it is more interested in showing users photos and updates from their Facebook friends than posts from other pages, and as a result, the reach and referral traffic of posts from the Facebook pages of businesses and media companies will decline…”

Read the article here.
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