The 6 Best Tools for Creating Interactive Content

The 6 Best Tools for Creating Interactive Content

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Are you using interactive content as part of your marketing strategy? A survey conducted by Content Marketing Institute found that 53% of marketers are using interactive content and the proof is in the pudding that it’s getting results.

That 53% is also expected to grow. In fact, interactive content is one of the fastest growing go-to strategies for big name brands all over the world.

But what is interactive content?

Interactive content requires your audience to actually engage, instead of passively reading or watching your content. For example, if you’ve ever done an online quiz, then you’ve engaged in interactive content.

For markers, interactive content can help you score the most coveted top spot in Google’s search results since valuable content is the number one way to rank on Google’s first page.

Of course, there are more benefits to interactive content than ranking number one on Google.

  • Increased conversion rates
  • Improved audience segmentation
  • Lower bounce rates
  • Increased shares & more backlinks

And there’s even more good news. For many years creating interactive content meant spending a significant sum of money, and it required a lot of time and expertise. It used to be that only big corporations with hefty marketing budgets could create interactive content. But not anymore!

Now that we’re well into 2019 all that has changed. New tools allow marketers with any budget to create the kind of valuable content Google loves to see. Here are the best tools to use for creating interactive content and reaping all those benefits for your business.

1. Outgrow

Are you looking to wow your customers and produce more leads? Then you’ll want to use Outgrow. Outgrow is perfect for those with almost no technical skills because their easy-to-use drag and drop builder enables anyone to create highly engaging and value-driven content. It’s easy, affordable, and has a straight-forward design.

2. Apester

Big name brands including CNET, The Huffington Post, and Fox Sports are fans of Apester. It enables you to create polls, surveys, personality tests, video quizzes, and more effortlessly and effectively. This tool will help your audience engage with your brand, and you can easily embed your creations into your regular blog content providing a unique interactive experience for your customers.

3. Zembula

No coding skills? No problem! Zembula is another easy-to-use tool that doesn’t require the help of a developer or advanced technical knowledge. Zembula’s goal is to make interactive content available to every marketer, no matter the size of your company. Zembula enables anyone to create engaging interactive content without the hassle.

4. Engageform

When it comes to ‘intuitive’, Engageform is as a great tool. You can use Engageform to create all kinds of interactive content from quizzes, to surveys, to polls, and more. Engageform makes it easy to embed and share your interactive content on your website, blog, or social media. Plus, this tool even provides detailed reports including audience feedback, stats, and lead information once people start engaging with the content you’ve created. It’s great with marketing automation too.

5. Survey Anyplace

If you’re looking to build interactive questionnaires of all shapes and size, then Survey Anyplace is another great tool. It hardly takes any time to create fun personality quizzes, and it even comes with follow-up questions based on previously chosen answers. Survey Anyplace also provides assessments that generate tailor-made PDF reports based on your audience’s score, as well as calculators that help participants navigate to the most relevant content. We love Survey Anyplace because it makes it easy to give something back to your customers.

6. Qzzr

Are you in the market for a more enterprise solution? Top brands like ESPN, LinkedIn, HBO, Red Bull, and Marriott love Qzzr. These brands have used the platform to build intelligent interactive content, and more than 358 million people interacted with content created using Qzzr in 2018 alone. Qzzr software is designed to help you increase your brand’s exposure, engagement, conversions, and insights – perfect for any marketer.

As a business owner or marketer content is king! BUT there’s so much content being created every day that if you want your business to be noticed you really need to stand out. That’s where interactive content can make all the difference.

Do you use interactive content already? What’s your favourite way to create it? Let us know in the comments below.

Mandi Gould

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