The Basics of A Twitter Marketing Campaign

The Basics of A Twitter Marketing Campaign

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It may feel tempting to overlook Twitter when building a digital marketing strategy.

Marketing on Twitter can feel extremely limiting compared to Instagram and Facebook because of its 280-character limit. But you should not let the character limit dissuade you from potential marketing success.

You can reap the rewards of Twitter marketing when you create a foolproof strategy.

Why Market On Twitter?

Twitter is one of the most popular social media apps in the world, with over 229 million users per day. Additionally, Omnicore reports that 30% of Twitter users use Twitter several times a day, scrolling through their feeds to discover new posts.

Business Twitter marketing offers great potential for your company because you can reach millions of people on one site. Even if your Twitter account does not have millions of followers, there is the potential to reach them with one helpful tool: the retweet button.

The Retweet Button Is Powerful

The retweet button is a unique feature that shares the same concept as the “share” button on Facebook. A user can retweet a tweet, sharing it to their profile, as well as the feed of anyone who follows them. With this power, the potential is limitless; one tweet can travel across the feeds of many new customers, boosting your brand awareness and driving website traffic. Twitter is the perfect social media channel to generate leads, get more traffic, and drive sales.

How To Create A Twitter Marketing Strategy

Like with all other social media platforms, you will need to constantly work on and improve your strategy to get the most out of your Twitter marketing efforts. Here are some tips on what you should do:

  1. Create various buyer personas to determine how you will attract and nurture a specific audience through your campaigns.
  2. Draft up a content calendar on Sprout Social that includes when you will post and what you will post. Use software like Hootsuite to schedule tweets in advance.
  3. Collect social media data to learn how many followers engage with your tweets, what tweets got the most engagement, etc.
  4. Use the data collected to revise a specific campaign or create an all-new one.

Must-Haves For Your Twitter Strategy

We have included some Twitter marketing tips to help you with your marketing. Make sure to follow these tips when you use Twitter.

Finish Setting Up Your Account

The first and most obvious tip is to complete your account setup.

Many small businesses forget to complete their account, leaving part of their Twitter profile unfinished. An unfinished account is not good for several reasons, mainly because it can appear unprofessional.

Make sure to complete every part of your profile, including:

  • Twitter handle: Your handle is your username that everyone will see when visiting your Twitter page. We recommend making your handle your company name.
  • Profile photo: Your profile picture should be your logo or another easily-identifiable part of your business’s brand.
  • Website: Include your website URL in your bio to drive traffic to your website
  • Header image: Add an image that is related to your brand.
  • Twitter bio: Write a bio for your Twitter profile page, briefly explaining your business and what it’s all about.

Incorporate Twitter Ads

Don’t just stick to organic content! Twitter ads reign supreme over Facebook because of their design, organic layout, and engagement. Therefore, every company needs to include paid advertisements in their Twitter marketing strategy.

First, ads on Twitter are in the form of tweets posted to your feed. When scrolling through your Twitter feed, it is difficult to tell the difference between a tweet from someone you follow and a paid ad. Often, the only differentiator is the small text that says “Promoted tweets” or “Promoted account” underneath. The organic feeling of the content makes users more likely to interact with the content.

Host Twitter Chats

Twitter is more than just a social media platform to answer support questions. It can be a place to interact with your target audience, increase brand awareness, and build brand loyalty. A great way to interact with your followers or loyal and potential customers is to host a Twitter chat.

Achat is a public-facing discussion about a specific topic. Typically, you will have pre-written questions to encourage users to respond. It can create engagement and let you learn about your followers through their tweets and responses.

A Twitter chat can be on almost any subject, but we recommend keeping it related to something in your industry to ensure you are posting relevant content. If you have any trending topics related to your business, all the better! Use relevant hashtags to join in on trending conversations.

Create Lists

As we know, segmenting your audience based on their location in the buyer’s journey, age, gender identity, etc., is a great way to add a personal touch to your messages and boost engagement with your audience. You can segment your followers by using the “Create Lists” function and adding them to a new list. Keep the list private so your new followers do not know that you are creating new audiences to help you better sell to them.

In some cases, keeping your lists publicly viewable can be a great idea. If you have many loyal fans who actively promote your brand, you can add them to a list called “[Your Business Name] Influencers” or something along those lines. The Twitter accounts added to the list will get a notification that they have been added, and they will likely feel even more love and loyalty for your brand because they are being recognized for their tweets about your company.

Get Help Managing Your Social Media Accounts

We know that it can be overwhelming to create a digital marketing strategy. You need to figure out how to best keep your audience engaged, encourage them to convert to paying customers, and maintain your brand voice. It’s a lot of hard work.

Barker Social can help manage your digital presence with professional marketing led by experienced social media marketers. We can design beautiful posts, choose the right hashtags, and write exciting captions that match your brand voice to grow your online presence and almost double the engagement. Get in touch today to learn more.

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