Weekly Social Media Post Ideas

Weekly Social Media Post Ideas

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Have you come to a standstill when it comes to new creative ideas to engage your audience or clients through social media with your posts? Are you also bored of your social media channels and seem unsure which way to turn, or free stuff to try out? Here are a few tips to help you brainstorm creative ideas and take your social media channels from your ‘old blog post’ to a new level, boosting engagement on your social media channels.

Pitching Content with Social Media Platforms.

As a social media enthusiast and user, you would know there are several social media channels you can leverage for social media marketing. These social media networks have their specific social media strategy you must know and adopt to amplify the voice of your customers’ conversion, increase your sales, and boost engagement through your social media post. Tiktok and youtube, for example, are social media funnels to flow and adopt trending topics to create user-generated content.

Identifying the tone of your social posts, plus a personal connection to that channel coupled with your target audience will inform your decision on what social media channel to use. 

This article will walk you through a step-by-step guide to curating interesting stats through your social media platforms and unveil your ‘success stories journey.’

Weekly Social Media Post Ideas

  1. Business blog:

Running blog posts or articles for your business is an all-in-one stop-point where you provide your users or clients with an education that gives them a sense of belonging to your business or company. It is also a social media strategy through digital marketing to inform existing clients of your business while leaving engaging content on your blog for new followers–as they walk through your vision, products, and/or organization. Being committed to writing blogs or articles about your business allows your customers to know how particular you are about what you offer, while simultaneously drawing your customer’s attention to weekly anticipation of another round of engaging blog posts.

To have an edge in your content, you could read through popular blog posts in your niche while you find out the unique writing tone through active feedback from your social media platforms. So, to make it more engaging, you can look for trending topics that might relate to your business while possibly referring to your latest blog post in the new content while spicing it up with interesting stories and sharing photos embedded in key sections of your content.

  1. Social media takeover

This is about you getting some big influencers with real-time followers or a social sensation who can draw traffic to your social platforms. The idea is to take over, right? You need to ask yourself questions such as “how long will this be?”, “where will this be hosted?”, etc.

Having such engagements will free you of the hassles of social media resources and brain-racking for weekly content.

  1. Industry News

Adopting news about your industry is another passive way to amass social media followers. Utilizing self-developed, well-articulated SEO content, and/or social posts can sieve committed customers for you from the global market. But much more than that is the need to employ your social media platforms to convey relevant content to your social media followers.

Industry news is often long-form articles written by big firms in some particular industrial sector (Energy, Technology, Textile, etc.). It would be another social media strategy to engage your social media followers by making a retweet, or pushing a notification about such news (through live videos or some other social media platform you use) to your clients. This would inform them of the possibilities that might come with that news– for example, an increase in production cost, etc.

  1. Visual content 

Content creation has never been easier. Anyone can now use simple applications from google play store or apple store and make some DIY visual content about their brands with their smartphones, anywhere, anytime, and any day of the week.  Tiktok, for example, lets you build a social network of live video streamers who can be new followers leveraging its global audience reach– making it one of the top social media networks for building, communicating, and reaching people through your social media posts.

Having a YouTube channel is another means to reach the target audience with your YouTube videos and running live videos using any social media platform is another means of keeping it real through mutual communication with your customers. Sometimes, it’s not about pre-edited, pre-written, pre-shot, the conventional forms of article writing. Sometimes, having live videos or some ‘behind the scenes’, or video chats bring your customers close and make them have more sense of ownership in what you do.

With visual content ideas, you can secure a more personal connection with your audience by sometimes creating a  sneak peek video post on social media, spicing it up with creative ideas, and sandwiching it with a creative caption through your social channels. More so, visual social media content is not necessarily a live video, it could be an edited inspiring photo, meme or gif– just get something moving!

  1. Podcast Episode

Every business brand comes with a sprinkle of uniqueness. The idea of having content for your weekly post via your social platforms is not limited to video content or writing interesting stories. Defining your business from other brands while understanding yourself and your customers, gives you a competitive advantage in choosing the right social media platform – it’s all about marketing, growing, and evolving anyways. Yours might just be easily done through podcasts. Releasing podcast episodes even when the whole of your team members or company is not on-site via holiday posts, could also help foster community development while sustaining and scaling sales.

During the  Covid-19 pandemic some business brands or companies couldn’t access their studios, but there were those who still got reasonable control of their businesses while updating clients on every detail about their brands through podcasts – thriving in sales.

  1. Email Marketing 

Another resourceful tip in the league of social content ideas is Email Marketing. As a digital marketing strategy, here is a one-on-one medium to reach your customers about your business and hear directly from them. You might not like the idea of sending emails to engage your clients because it doesn’t feel personal, but adopting an email marketing campaign can benefit you because of the range of clients you could have. Not all clients find it easy commenting their concerns, likes, and dislikes on other social media handles. More like a self-help room for individual clients, email marketing helps them pour their hearts into replying to your direct mails. You could get commendations and sometimes receive constructive feedback. 

Email marketing now becomes a contained centre to isolate all responses and engage them through strategic emailing with relevant content. These responses, also inform your decision on utilizing other social media platforms in achieving your dream with your customers in view.

  1. Curated Content + Contest + Giveaways

Everyone loves free stuff, right? Hosting live sessions with giveaways is an easy way to catch the attention of your followers. This, in turn, makes everyone active and engage more with your social platforms. Having tags like ‘weekend giveaway’, ‘Friday Tips’, etc., is a good way to end the week.

Posting new content from others within your areas of interest on your social handles is another way to rest your writing nerves, get your audience to see what you’re teaching from another light, and get your users incentivized, which is another undeniable pleasure!

Creating some tasks for your followers such as: “follow our social media handle on Twitter”, or “comment with what you love” will gain you conversions and yields, possibly more sales (if done with a marketing agenda) in a fun-filled means from your ‘bored’ clients. Easy right? And just like that, you can get your weekly calendar fixed with interesting stories, engaging curated content, and a mind-blowing shocker that would excite your followers. 

  1. Customer Reviews

Apprehending your committed customer’s reviews about your products or business is one way to gage thoughts on your products. Of course, social media handles, like Facebook, place tags or badges on dedicated followers. Identifying this, in turn, gets you to have a weekly post either retweeting their kind comments with an inspiring photo and nice graphical input. 

Getting their testimony of your business, of course, with their names, makes more room for other voices to amplify your brand while having more engagement on your pages.

  1. Weekly Quickies and Advice

Weekly quickies are just forms of shorts tips and advice that could be posted daily to engage your social media audience. It is more like a line or two to bring more emphasis on your business and surrounding niche to your audience. 

Aside from posting pictures, podcasts, visuals, and other blog posts, you can offer simple tips and advice that is considerably valuable to you and your audience’s consumption.

  1. Do a “This or That” poll

Polling is one great tool to draw out ideas from your audience. We do live in a world with chances, choices, and varieties of options. You might not know what everyone wants at times. Social media handles like telegram, Twitter, and Reddit allow polling. You can create lots of options about which events, products, or speakers your audience would love or want first. Since the result is public, you can then display your conclusive post on social media. Meanwhile, more engagement would have attended that poll coupled with likes and (if twitter) retweets. It’s all about spicing it up.

  1. Doing Shoutouts 

Doing shoutouts is one easy thing to do on your social handle. Maybe, it’s a dedicated celebration of a day, let’s say ‘a national coffee day’; or a celebration of your clients or customers with a shout out to them – is one quick, simple, and non-techy means of engaging your social platforms with great content.

You could just showcase a customer’s proud moment with your product or business (possibly a self-shot video of the client) on your social handle with good designs and nice captions on your TikTok or any other platform you’ve got. You’ll win that client’s loyalty and have also done marketing. 

  1. Event hosting 

One other idea to schedule in your weekly calendar is hosting events. Lately, social media platforms have given more ground to adopting all forms of fun and meetings that are conventional with a company’s local event. Of course, there is a place for physical hosting; yet, hosting events like ‘Ask me Anything (AMA)’, ‘Q/A sessions with the CEO’, or some other internet events, remains a profitable media model for promoting your business brand while still hosting an international or local event. With previous episodes of routing success in your last event, you’ve gotten every necessary leverage to do event promotion for your next round or even pay an influencer to do the event promotion accruing huge publicity.

If you check through your company history and there is still a lag in your weekly engagement, you might want to adopt social media platforms to organize these events, there’ll be a change!

  1. Milestones + Updates (company accomplishments)

Everyone feels special with updates. I mean, leaving someone you had business or some other relationship with somewhere with no progressive details is quite similar to having no concern. 

Similar to when your business or company launched, and you introduced your customers to your vision, mission and team members, you should update them on every milestone or success achieved.  This adoption incorporates a sense of success to your customers who also articulate your business’ growth as part of their success stories.

Hosting a live party, or physical event to mark each milestone is a fundamental way to unravel reflections through pictures or videos to your customers of your beginning.

“Can I still do this?” you’re asking? Sure! You can start with updates, roadmaps, and later on, spinback to mark the completed milestone—it’s one great idea to engage your social platforms.

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