Thanks for choosing to partner with us! We look forward to working with you and we’re confident that we’ll be able to run a successful marketing campaign that will generate real results for your business.

1. Service Agreement, Statement of Work, Initial Invoice

If we haven’t already sent this to you, you’ll receive it shortly. At first glance, these documents look a bit long but we like to be detailed so that everything is clear for all of us. Please review both documents and don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions. If everything is in order and you’re in agreement, please sign and either scan or snap a photo and send us a copy.

Along with the Service Agreement and Statement of Work, we’ll send our first retainer invoice to initiate the set-up month. You can fill in our secure form to provide your credit card, or send an e-transfer if you’re in Canada to barker@barkersocial.com, or send a Paypal payment to barker@barkersocial.com. After the set-up month, we’ll move to automatic credit card billing unless otherwise arranged. We will always send you an invoice three days before the automatic billing so that you have a record for your accounting.

Please note: we’ll need to receive the two signed documents and payment in order to start our process.

2. Intake Forms

There are 3 intake forms:

All three forms here can be found here: barkersocial.com/intake

3. Discovery Form

For the Discovery form, we may have already covered this, but please fill in as much as you can so that we can learn more about you.

4. Branding Elements Form

The Branding Elements form is designed to collect important assets like your logo(s), fonts, colours, etc. If you already have your brand elements organized in a Google Drive or Dropbox folder, you can go ahead and share it with us:

  • Google Drive: barkersocialmarketing@gmail.com (preferred)
  • Dropbox: barker@barkersocial.com

5. Secure Password Form

The Secure Password form is exactly that–a completely secure way to collect your sensitive data using our SSL certificate. In addition to collecting your social media and website passwords and logins, we also collect your billing information. Our process is to send you an invoice a few days before the end of each month, and then billing takes place automatic on your credit card at the beginning of the month.

Please note that the form will not be complete until you’ve reached this final confirmation page:

For easy access to all 3 forms: barkersocial.com/intake

6. Facebook

6. a) Please follow these instructions to obtain your Facebook Ad Account ID number. You can provide this information in the secure form or you can email the number to mandi@barkersocial.com (You must have a Facebook business manager account, not just a regular Facebook account. If you don’t already have one, you can make one at business.facebook.com.)

6. b) On Facebook, we’ll let you know when we’ve sent the requests to add Barker Social Marketing as an agency. Click here to learn how to accept an Administrator request on Facebook

6. c) Please also add Mandi Gould as an admin:

7. LinkedIn

For LinkedIn, please add Mandi Gould as an administrator of your business page. Click here to learn how to add an Administrator to your LinkedIn business page

8. Google+

If applicable, for Google+, please add barkersocialmarketing@gmail.com as a Manager on your account. For instructions, click here.

9. Google Analytics

If you already have Google Analytics on your website, please add us as full administrator access with this address:

  • barkersocialmarketing@gmail.com

Please note that we will require the ability to manage user rights so that we can connect a special email address that will collect your website data for reporting. The email address: cloud-campaign-backend@cloud-campaign-facade.iam.gserviceaccount.com will be added and used for reporting purposes.

Click here to learn how to add an Administrator to your Google Analytics. If you don’t have Google Analytics, please let us know and we can help to get that set up.

10. Unique Branded Links

We would like to offer to set up unique shortened links to use for your brand. These look very sophisticated and make a positive brand impression. Here’s an example: go.barkersocial.com/value​

If you provide your host information in the secure form, we can set this up for you. Otherwise, in order to set this up yourself, please follow these instructions:
  • Log into your domain hosting account (GoDaddy, Hostgator, Register.com, etc).
  • Navigate to DNS Settings page.
  • Add a new record for the root domain name:
  • Record type: A
  • Hostname (or Name): go
  • Point to (or Address/Value):



Phew! Got all that? We know that there’s a lot, but don’t worry! Once we’re through this initial phase, we’ll be ready to rock ‘n’ roll!

In summary, the next steps are:

  • Read the Service Agreement and Statement of Work and if you’re in agreement, please sign and return the signature pages.
  • Pay the initial invoice.
  • Fill in all the 3 forms in as much detail as possible.
  • Share all brand assets in the form, via Google Drive (barkersocialmarketing@gmail.com), Dropbox (barker@barkersocial.com), or by email.
  • Send Facebook Ad Account & ID number
  • Stand by to accept Barker Social Marketing as an agency in your Facebook page roles.
  • Add Mandi Gould as an administrator on your Facebook page.
  • Add Mandi Gould to your LinkedIn business page.
  • If applicable, add barkersocialmarketing@gmail.com to your Google+ page as a Manager.
  • Add barkersocialmarketing@gmail.com to your website’s Google Analytics, or let us know if you don’t have analytics yet.
  • Follow the instructions for the unique branded links (or if you provide your hosting details, we’ll take care of it)

BTW, our Project Coordinator, Laura Barros, is located in Portugal. As we test some of the logins, you may notice logins that list Portugal. Not to fear, that’s us! This is also true of our Web & Tech Guru, Jay, who is located in Colombia.

Don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you have questions and thank you for your business. If you’d like to learn more about our process, please click here.

Thanks, we can’t wait to get started!

Mandi & the Barker Social Team

855 8 BARKER