Why Choose Facebook For Marketing?

Why Choose Facebook For Marketing?

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Facebook marketing is cheaper than conventional or traditional marketing, like radio and television, and has proven results in increasing sales and revenue, if implemented well, making it a top choice as a social media platform to base ad campaigns and other marketing efforts off of.

With different types of Facebook advertising, including ads that appear directly in news feeds, and carousel ads, plus ways to engage a target audience directly, Facebook has excellent options for marketing and social media advertising.

Facebook advertising while optimizing other Facebook marketing opportunities is effective and successful. With a strong Facebook marketing strategy, it can boost sales and revenue. It’s an essential tool in an overall marketing plan.

Facebook Advertising Reaches A Wide Audience

According to Statista, in 2022 Facebook reached 2.96 billion daily active users – the most used online social network worldwide.

It has users worldwide from the age of 13 to over 65, with both male and female users of all ages. The majority of users are between 18 to 44, but the demographics are increasing, with 65% of people over 65 now using it. 80% of internet users are on Facebook.

A Facebook presence is excellent for increasing brand awareness, through Facebook advertising and organically through your Facebook business page and general content. Facebook ads increase how often your targeted audience sees your business. The more frequently they see and interact with a business, the more likely they are to buy.

Plus, Facebook is mobile, and considering 50% of all Internet users are mobile, with over 84% of Facebook users accessing it this way, means that Facebook ads are great for reaching audiences on the go.

Range Of Ad Formats

Facebook has ten ad formats, which is more than other social media platforms, with both text and image or video elements available for most.

There are options for each target marketing funnel stage, whether you are trying to just build interest and awareness or drive active calls to action to buy.

Power of Content vs Ads

Sponsored Posts is a great option, especially if others can post on them. Creating strong content can be as effective as an ad, since they are not so obvious, and people may more actively engage with them because the content is useful to them.

This boosts posts your business makes and is another opportunity to engage your audience.

Power of Responding

Responding to comments may seem like hard work, but it increases your credibility and offers unique opportunities to convert viewers into fans. While most businesses respond to negative comments, which is obviously critical for damage control, responding to even positive or neutral comments shows the business as caring, involved, and interested. Facebook allows you to reinforce positive messages through this.

Perks Of A Facebook Business Page

A Facebook Business Page looks similar to a personal profile, but is tailored to show business-related information and offers a host of benefits, like paid promotional options, content creation tools, and critical business insights and analytics.

People can connect more simply, just by liking a business. You can select choices from two categories to customize fields on your Page. There are opportunities to tailor and individualize this page, for a flexible experience, and so you can make it memorable and stand out. You can even add a call-to-action button, with a variety of choices such as ‘learn more’ or ‘buy now’. It’s like a second webpage to provide information and increase your digital presence.

Reach out to your audience and maintain a connection. People who like your business will receive content updates on each user’s news feed. You can increase your brand awareness, get audience insights, directly connect with and chat with users, and more.

Facebook Marketing Is Targetable

You can target specific audiences with promoted posts, Facebook ads, and video ads. You can identify which audiences are not relevant – ones who are likely not interested in your product – as well as your targeted audience.

Target Businesses and Individuals. Reach your target audience, whatever it is. Facebook lets you target by employer name or employment industry, job title, company size, and other options. Lookalike audiences based on email lists or a customer base are also possible. Facebook advertising reaches 74% of business decision-makers, who also use it more consistently on a weekly and monthly basis, making Facebook business advertising a great option for B2B businesses.

Target at Different Phases. Facebook is unique for social media marketing, in that it is excellent for targeting an audience at different phases of engagement. For upper funnel phases of increasing awareness and inciting interest, when a potential client is browsing a product or service, or may not even know a product like yours even exists, carousel ads, videos, and sponsored stories are effective.

For mid-funnel audiences who are more actively considering options, Facebook allows you to target this highly appropriate audience, and can encourage off-Facebook actions like clicking through to your website. If you create Facebook ads that are well-crafted and compelling, targeted at highly appropriate audiences, you can push audiences to your website.

For the final stage of encouraging transactions, there are custom call-to action buttons.

Target Demographics and Beyond. You can target by common demographics, like gender, age, and more, but targeting abilities go way further, to identify potential customers. To more accurately predict a person’s needs and lifestyle, Facebook advertising can target education status, marital status, interests and hobbies.

Facebook advertising also targets and encourages repeat customers, with the audience feature. This lets you import customer emails into your Facebook advertising campaign.

Target Through Remarketing. If someone visits your webpage, through Facebook Pixel remarketing tools, you can target them for advertising posts to their Facebook page. Pixel creates a tag, so that these web visitors later see your Facebook advertising.

Target Those Your Competition Does. You can even target users who have indicated an interest in certain brands or products. This is a quick and effective way to reach those that could definitely be interested in what you have to offer.

A final consideration is that most of your competitors are likely to be using Facebook advertising, so this could be a critical tool to stay competitive.

Facebook Insights

A key advantage to Facebook marketing is the ability to measure paid marketing efforts. You can use social media reports tools and Page Insights to review metrics and determine your audience demographics.

It gives you excellent insights on your fans and followers, their friends, and people who meet identified criteria or previously visited your webpage. You can see what efforts are most successful, to adjust strategies.

Depending on the ad format, you can track what people do when they leave Facebook for conversion data.

Optimize Off-Facebook

You can enhance the effectiveness of your website URL, by encouraging clickthroughs, so your website gets more website visitors; this boosts its ranking with Google and other search engines. Remarketing reinforces this cycle as well. Facebook advertising can also promote your blogs to make them more effective, thereby boosting SEO rankings.

Facebook advertising that is done well, as well as engaging Facebook posts, get shared, increasing word of mouth promotion and referrals, thereby compounding your reach. Barker Social can boost your business growth, by helping you maximize the benefits of Facebook advertising, meet your advertising objectives, and reach the Facebook Pages of the highest-qualified, custom audiences.

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