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noun a person who stands in front of a theatre, circus, carnival, or business, and calls out to passersby to attract customers.

20+ years of marketing experience

I’m a forward thinking strategist who knows how to bring a marketing plan to full realization.

~Marketing Director, Mandi Gould

You need a
Brand Barker!

Mandi and the Barker team will shout your message from the rooftops to build your customer base with strategic marketing that shows a return on your investment.

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Marketing Worth Shouting About™
Let us shout your message from the rooftops!

As Brand Barkers, we'll put you in front of your
target customers to ensure they:




Digital Marketing & Content Creation

We’ll build your brand by increasing exposure, deepening relationships, establishing trust, and driving more traffic to your website, event, app, and social profiles.

Individually, organic social media, pay per click ads, blogging, and other digital components are effective… But when they’re combined into an integrated, strategic campaign, the results multiply exponentially!

We work as an extension of your team to form your digital marketing department.

Marketing Results Matter

Hi, I’m Mandi Gould, the marketing dynamo behind Barker Social.

After years of working for other marketing companies, I knew I could improve ineffective practices and get better results for my clients. That’s why I started Barker Social. 

My team and I provide a mix of old school values and new school techniques to get you results. I promise honesty and accountability with transparent services and detailed ROI reporting. You’ll always understand the work we’re doing and what you’re getting for your investment. If something isn’t working, I’ll make sure to tell you and I’ll help you find a better solution that will drive results. 

Let me and my team bark your message from the rooftops to draw attention for your brand and help you reach your objectives!

Reach Your Marketing Objectives

Our integrated content marketing, social media, and SEO campaigns reach your target customers… and we prove it! We back up our results with hard data including detailed reporting, accountability, and meaningful numbers to illustrate your spend vs. results.

Measurable Results

We take your ROI seriously. We go out of our way to communicate our strategy, execution, and outcomes because results are the key to your overall marketing and business success. Reporting metrics include Cost Per Exposure, Cost Per Engagement, Cost Per Conversion. Ask us about our Satisfaction Guarantee.

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