Can the people who need your services find your business?

If you’re serious about growing your brand’s digital footprint, search engine optimization (SEO) services are essential! Your website is no help to anyone if your target customers can’t find you.

Search engine optimization ensures that your website is visible when people search for the keywords associated with your offerings. Our international SEO services increase the quantity and quality of your website traffic; we don’t just optimize your website to attract more visitors, but we also make sure those visitors are the right people—those who are actively interested in your offerings.

When you use our SEO services, we take the time to outline our process and results in detail to show you how many people are visiting you, how they’re finding you, how much time they’re spending on your website, and what their overall behaviour is while they browse your content. We use that information to make improvements to your website on an ongoing basis, making sure that Google loves you and that your potential customers choose you first.

Our SEO packages include:

  • On-site health analysis and detailed audit report highlighting any warning areas, required improvements, and preliminary performance benchmarking (e.g. site loading speed, mobile display issues, etc.)


  • In-depth keyword/search phrase research and recommendations


  • Integration with Google Analytics and Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools), for better performance tracking


  • On-page optimization of organic traffic landing Web pages, with emphasis on powerful Titles and Meta Descriptions (search listing text snippets) to improve rankings, appearance, click-throughs, and conversions/sales


  • Identification of keyword/search phrase clusters to be emphasized for highest rankings based on target market(s), customer audience(s), and competitor visibility analysis; no strict limit on number of keywords, rather we allow for keyword list contraction/expansion within reason, based on desired speed of results (i.e. smaller lists yield faster results)


  • Highest-quality and sustainable custom backlink development, all personally performed by our in-house SEO specialist, and only from authority sources and with thematic relevancy; ongoing monitoring of backlink profile to ensure safe anchor text ratios


  • Assistance with recovery from any pre-existing algorithmic penalties; whether from poor quality SEO work performed by an unskilled contractor or even from a competitor’s negative SEO efforts


  • No long-term contracts (i.e. 6-month, 1-year, etc.) or commitments required; we’re so confident that we’ll get your business efficient and consistent organic ranking improvements that we exclusively accept clients on a monthly basis; if you’re not satisfied with a month’s ranking gains, you can cancel the engagement at any time


  • Custom geographic targeting, from local to regional, national, global, and even multilingual on numerous international versions of Google and other search engines


  • Monthly reporting including ongoing insights into future campaign improvements; SEO general strategy and mini-project (e.g. market niche micro site) recommendations


  • Communication with Web designer/developer, resulting in SEO-friendly deliverables

SEO Packages for Businesses of all Sizes

Search Engine Optimization packages are customized based on your unique needs.