Brands, Social Media & You

Brands, Social Media & You

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Social media has completely changed the face of how we view companies. A successful brand is no longer just a “business”, a “company”, or an “organization” — they are a living breathing thing with a personality and culture. Because of social media, people now want and even expect to be able to communicate with you and get to know you through convenient social media channels. Here’s an excerpt from an interesting article:

“Brands can now directly access a huge network to positively edit their public image. Not so long ago the only way brands could get information to the masses was via third party news companies and television advertising. This would either be very costly – in the case of television advertising (for example, should you currently wish to advertise in a late peak time slot between 8-11pm on Channel 4 you can expect to pay approximately £7,500 for just 30 seconds of advertising) – or very risky, should the media choose to portray the brand in a negative light, like how the press covered the VW US emissions scandal.

Thanks to social media, many brands have been viewed in a significantly more positive light due to the control given back to brands and their ability to launch huge, positive advertising campaigns.”

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Todd Foster

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