Everyone is buzzing about Facebook Workplace

Everyone is buzzing about Facebook Workplace

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Have you heard about Workplace by Facebook? It’s a new platform by the social media giant designed for organizations to share conversation and planning. Slack users will be familiar with the anti-email format of the new system. The question for Slack users is, would you give up Slack for Facebook Workplace? Or for businesses that haven’t yet used Slack, how would you feel about moving business conversations to a program affiliated with social networking? Is that an advantage or a disadvantage?

Here’s an excerpt from an article entitled Facebook Unveils Social Media for Your Workplace:

“Workplace by Facebook stands to compete against Slack, the social media for communication within the workplace. Workplace by Facebook is a subscription product, as opposed to Facebook’s advertising-driven revenue model. Here too, the pricing has been put across keeping the competition in mind

A normal Workplace by Facebook subscription can cost you anywhere between $1 to $3 per user. Slack on the other hand is expensive, coming at $7 per user for its lowest plan.

Workplace by Facebook will come with all the goodies that Facebook possess, however it’ll customize the features for a more corporate use-case scenario.” Click here to read the full article. 


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