LinkedIn Partners With Moat Analytics to Improve Video Marketing

LinkedIn Partners With Moat Analytics to Improve Video Marketing

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Did you know video is the fastest growing type of content on LinkedIn? LinkedIn users spend nearly three times more time watching video ads than they do engaging with static Sponsored Content.

In the past year, LinkedIn has added new sticker and text options to help videos look more creative, and they’ve added a video option for Company Pages too.

But now, LinkedIn is focusing on improving measurement options for videos so you can make sure that your videos are performing well for your marketing purposes. To that end, the business network has announced a new integration with Moat Analytics, which will offer third-party data analytics.

LinkedIn wrote, “Validating the impact of your LinkedIn video ads just became a no-brainer with Oracle Data Cloud’s Moat Analytics + LinkedIn. Moat Analytics is a third-party analytics and measurement platform that enables advertisers to measure viewability metrics of their ads across multiple platforms consistently. Using the Moat Analytics integration, LinkedIn advertisers can now validate their metrics for accuracy and compare video campaign results across platforms in one streamlined location.”

The platform also wrote that this new integration “gives LinkedIn advertisers the ability to validate their viewability metrics, while also providing traffic quality verification.” What’s more, LinkedIn is adding in new analytic abilities that feature extra ‘audibility’ metrics.

Even though LinkedIn’s native video option was only released in August 2017, it has already become one of the most popular aspects of the LinkedIn ecosystem. That means if you’re trying to market your business, taking advantage of the video option is crucial and shouldn’t be overlooked.


Todd Foster

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