Twitter Adds a Guest Chat Feature to Its Live Stream Video

Twitter Adds a Guest Chat Feature to Its Live Stream Video

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Are you a fan of Twitter’s live broadcast feature? Video is becoming increasingly popular on social networks, and Twitter certainly doesn’t want to be left out of the game.

Twitter has released a feature where users can invite others to join their live stream. Previously if you were running a live stream, you could only interact with your viewers through chat messages that appeared on display in real time. Now you can invite up to three people into your live stream, turning the monologue into a conversation.

As of right now, this feature only allows you to stream audio from your guests. If someone wants to join your stream, they can use their microphone to interact with you, and everyone who’s watching will hear them. Guests can log off at any time to allow others to request to join.

Although this feature is new to Twitter, the company released the same function in February on its live video streaming app, Periscope.

In a post announcing the move, Twitter said, “Whether it’s #NBATwitter or #DemThrones, you can discuss your interests with anyone around the world and actually hear their perspective and reactions in real time.”

So, how does it work?

First, open your camera by swiping left from your timeline, or by tapping on the camera icon in the tweet composer. Click the live mode button at the bottom, then click on the double-face icon located at the top right. This will enable you to start streaming. When someone asks to join your video, a notification will pop up in the chat. If you’d like to let that person join your video, click on the double-face icon. After a five second countdown, you’re all set to chat.

Once you’re done talking with that guest, you can click on the “x” at the top right of their avatar, and they’ll be logged off your live stream.

If you want to join someone else’s live stream, then you’ll want to tap the double-face icon and click on “ask to join.” If you’re accepted, there will be a five second countdown that pops up on the screen. If you decide not to continue, click on the cancel button.

Keep in mind that once you’ve joined the live stream, your audio will be heard by everyone who is tuned into the live stream, not just the person who’s running it.


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