Prioritizing your Marketing Budget

Prioritizing your Marketing Budget

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No matter how large of a company you have, your marketing budget has limitations, and you should certainly take all steps and due diligence necessary to ensure that your getting the best return on the investment that you make. In the retail sector, companies are realizing that the ROI of social media marketing is exceptionally high and they’re investing higher percentages of their overall marketing budget into social because it works.

Read this excerpt from the article entitled Social Media Marketing Gains Popularity Among Retailers:

“To stay strong in today’s increasingly digital landscape, retailers are prioritizing social media marketing in their budgets and searching for new trends to acquire more in-store and online consumers.” Click here to read the article.

Todd Foster

As a dedicated Digital Marketing Strategist at Barker Social, I am passionate about helping businesses unlock their full potential online. With a focus on results-driven strategies, I aim to deliver measurable success for our clients.