Why MeetEdgar is the Best Social Media Scheduler

Why MeetEdgar is the Best Social Media Scheduler

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NOTE: For a variety of reasons, in March 2018 we have decided to leave MeetEdgar and switch to Cloud Campaign. These reasons include:

  • Edgar’s inability to keep up with the LinkedIn API so that posts with visuals to LinkedIn only publish text
  • Similar inconsistency on Facebook
  • Slow customer service
  • No reporting (we were using a 3rd party reporting service but Cloud Campaign has upgraded their reporting mechanisms for us)

We’re very sad to break up with Edgar but we’ve been very impressed by Cloud Campaign’s customer service and care. They value our business and rather than ignoring our concerns, they’re constantly working to improve their system and to listen to our needs. We highly recommend you check them out: cloudcampaign.io

Original article:

If you’re looking for a great scheduling tool for your social media, we’re here to share our review of MeetEdgar and to tell you why we think it’s not just the best social media scheduler on the market, but also the smartest.

We’re a busy social media marketing agency; we use MeetEdgar both for our own content and for all of our clients’ content. We use MeetEdgar because it saves us time, helps us to be more strategic, maximizes the effectiveness of our content, and improves our overall efficiency.


Over the years, I’ve personally tried all of the major social schedulers. Before launching Barker Social last year, I worked as a marketing subcontractor on many different marketing teams and had a chance to try all of the major social media scheduling tools. Edgar is, by far, my favourite. By a landslide.

Whenever I’ve checked out a new tool, I’ve always come back to MeetEdgar again afterwards. Why? Because it’s the only system that puts some intelligent strategy behind the functionality that’s designed to maximize your content and minimize your work.

Understanding Evergreen Content

To understand one of the many reasons MeetEdgar works so well, it’s first important to understand the concept of evergreen content:

Evergreen Content =
Content that is always relevant,
that isn’t tied to a certain date or event,
and that won’t expire or become obsolete.

If the content will be as true, useful, and interesting next year as it will be tomorrow, then it’s evergreen. And if you think about it, is it really the best use of your time to create very much content that isn’t evergreen?

We see it time and again: marketers trying to generate brand new content on a daily, weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, and never using that content again. Do you really want to spend all that time writing a new blog post and creating custom visuals if it’s only ever going to be shared once? That’s just not efficient or strategic!

…not to mention the fact that if you only share that content once, most people will never see it. Social media moves quickly, especially on Twitter. How many of your followers are likely to actually see each individual social post that you share? Very few. And if you only share it once? Almost no one.

If your content was good enough to invest in the first time, make sure that it gets as much longevity as possible.

This is where MeetEdgar comes in.

Clever Edgar

MeetEdgar is designed to house your entire content library, giving your content a home to live in rather than having it evaporate into cyberspace. You organize your content into categories, and you can turn those categories on and off whenever you’d like.

Here’s an easy example. Take the “New Year’s Resolution” season. It’s a time of year when people get organized and make fresh starts in their lives and businesses. You can create a campaign specifically for that season including blog posts, tips in the form of visuals, inspirational quotes, etc. and you can save all of that content in a category called “New Year’s”. Then, every year in January, you can turn on that category to share all of the great content you’ve created, and then turn it off again sometime in February. You can also add new content to that category every year, and you can mix it up so that there’s a good dose of the new content along with some of the older evergreen content you created in previous seasons.

Easy peasy! Click—it’s on. Click again—it’s off. That saves you a LOT of extra work while also maximizing all of the good content you worked so hard to generate. Now that’s getting more bang for your content buck!

Here’s another example. We’ve just taken on the social media marketing for CAMP, the Canadian Association of Marketing Professionals. Every month we run a new marketing theme for CAMP’s social media campaigns. This month it’s “Delivering Growth”, so we created a category in Edgar called Delivering Growth that we filled with hooks related to blog posts, articles, and visuals.

At the end of the month, we’ll turn off the Delivering Growth category. We might turn it back on again the future if we decide to revisit that theme. However, some of the blogs and articles that fell within the Delivering Growth category also overlap with other themes. For example, one of the blog posts is about ROI. If, down the road, we have a month dedicated completely to ROI, it’s easy to move that content into a new category dedicated to just ROI. Then we can turn on the ROI category without pulling everything from the previous category.

You can set up as many different categories as you want on MeetEdgar, and fill as many timeslots as you’d like in the week, as well. So, you might have content from several different categories going out every day or even every hour. For the Delivering Growth category, we have it scheduled to go out 2 – 3 times every day in July. Along with that category, we’ve turned on some other categories too so that the content is diverse; you can turn on as many different categories as you’d like to in different timeslots.

So, consider this: how much of your content could be useful to share again some time down the road? How much more efficient would you be if you were to forego the “one post/use once” system? Wouldn’t your work be so much more meaningful and useful?

Speaking of “use once”, you can still schedule content in MeetEdgar that goes out just once. All you have to do is use the “Use Once” category and schedule the specific time you’d like your content to go out. It will then store it for you, in case you do ever want to use it again, or in case you’d like to edit it and use a variation of the original content in the future.


We can’t say enough about how important evergreen content is, and how it really should be part of your strategy. And once you start using evergreen content, there is no better tool than MeetEdgar. We use for all of our clients’ Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. We use Edgar in conjunction with Buffer, which we use for Instagram, Pinterest, and Google+. We do hope that someday MeetEdgar expands to include these platforms, but for now, together with Buffer, it’s the perfect system for us.

If you have any questions about MeetEdgar, let us know! We know that choosing a social media system can be a big commitment and we’re happy to field your questions.

Mandi Gould

Mandi is a social media marketer, copywriter, and project manager for Barker Social™. She's a results-driven planner with an unstoppable ability to churn out quality marketing content. Her creative spirit, project management skills, and copywriting ability make her a marketing dynamo. She is also a bird lover, health foodie, jazz enthusiast, and swing dancer.